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The Island Of Serenity
Chapter 4 Survival The fog starts to lift, he finds himself on a barren rock; behind, the sea is violently attacking the shoreline, smacking it savagely with a blind rage, as if its very presence was somehow an affront to its right to dominate the earth. In front, there is a rough plane, with patches of vegetation, which are somewhere wrong, but he cannot make out exactly why, for the moment. Further inland, he can see an enormous forest, a forest the like he had never seen or maybe heard of, the trees are huge, yes a few majestic redwoods maybe, but this was a whole forest of them, as far as the eyes could see. The wind tests to see if he is capable of flight, it almost succeeds to lift him off the ground, but it is still not quite strong enough, so it gives that up, and frustrated, pushes him heavily to the hard rocky floor. So, here he lays, angry and hurt, he rolls over onto his back, he looks up and a little back. ‘What the?’ ‘Something wrong?’ ‘Everything is wrong, but the sky and the sun…’ ‘Ah’. ‘Why is the sun red and the sky turquoise?’ ‘Why is anything the way it is? I believe that it has something to do with the composition of the atmosphere.’ A shadow softly crosses over his face, from behind, cutting off the sun.  ‘What the …?’ He turns and sits up, the figure is short, heavy set, somewhere a cross between a man and a small gorilla, wearing some sort of animal skin, to protect his privates. ‘Is that you?’ ‘To ask if I am, who I am, is a question that warrants not a response.’ ‘But what are you?’ ‘The same as you.’
Ch 4