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The Island Of Serenity
‘You must be joking, you look like some kind of missing link.’ ‘Why not take a moment to look at your own hands?’ ‘My hands? Oh-my-God, these are not my hands.’ They are short, wide, heavy, strong and very hairy, the finger nails black and claw like. ‘They are now.’ ‘What have you done to me?’ ‘You are on the island of survival, here you will learn … how to survive.’ ‘But, I know how to survive.’ ‘What do you know?’ ‘I need to make a hut, start a fire.’ ‘Start a fire, quite right, and how do you start a fire?’ ‘I, I, I don’t remember. How can I not remember how to make a fire?’ ‘Remind me, what’s a wheel?’ ‘Stupid question, a wheel is a … it’s a … a … thing.’ ‘What does it do?’ ‘I can’t remember, I can’t remember. What the Hell have you done to me?’ ‘This is a representation of a period of history, sort of like the stone age.’ ‘I know what the stone-age is. How can I remember that, but not what a wheel is.’ ‘This is like a sort of a dream; sometimes we know things that we didn’t know, sometimes we can’t even remember our own names.’ ‘What’s the point of all this?’ ‘As I have said, you are to relearn to survive.’ ‘Like this?’ ‘Like that.’ ‘So, what do I need to do so that I can get out of here?’ ‘Hunt, kill, protect yourself.’ ‘And if I don’t?’