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The Island Of Serenity
The night before the hunt, the tribe undertakes a type of ritual; first, they squat into their sitting positon and rock and chant, (that would be the closest interpretation that Faron could find). Large quantities of beer are served, while the rocking and chanting continues. Then, one by one, the members start to move, in what one could only describe as a form of dance. Duncan disappears from the congregation, moving quietly and intently towards one of the older caves, one no longer used as a dwelling. Only to reappear some time later carrying a spear, if one looks closely, one might also notice that the fingers of his right hand are coloured by an orange-brown stain. This is a signal, from out of the shadows, one of a larger tribesmen, rushes out, growling and shrieking. The others scatter, screaming as if in great fear. The ‘beast’ advances; sometimes upright, sometimes on all fours, aiming directly for Duncan. Duncan stops, screams at the beast to leave, and shakes his spear to re-enforce his command. The beast stops for a moment, as if contemplating its choices, but this is only to take a breath before, screaming with all its force it rushes headlong towards the lone hunter. The matador takes a swipe at it as it rushes forward, the corrida has begun; the bull-like attacks are fast and furious. Once, twice, three times it passes; then it makes contact, Duncan is driven back and trips heavily onto the hard earth. The mad thing turns again, it is time for the kill, it starts to run again, bellowing in its crazy bloodlust, it’s going to crush him under its great hooves, closer and closer, time stretches out like a freezing droplet, the people gasp, they tense, their eyes dilate, is this the end of their leader? He approaches, ever so slowly, at full gallop, he is almost on top of him when, as if out of nowhere, the spear appears, its head pointing exactly towards the oncoming adversary, who, unable to stop, runs directly into it. In the semi-darkness, they watch as the head and part of the shaft appear to erupt through its back, it stops, just for the shortest of moments, then wavers, and then heavily falls.